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Resilience Defined

Resilience Defined; Conversations about bouncing back and rising above.

This podcast series, developed by Michele Neff Hernandez, and TJ Anglin, features everyday people who have experienced truly incredible challenges from which they have learned some life changing lessons.

Personal Truths

As a young woman entering into adulthood with lofty goals, sterling ideals, and great hope for the future I could have easily created a long list of my personal beliefs. This list would have included ideas about both the tangible and the intangible; broad concepts and specific ideals; God and mortal beings.

Love Past and Present

When I first was able to entertain the thought of marrying again after the death of my late husband, I was certain that I would fall to pieces when asked to utter the phrase, “till death do us part.” Those four words mean something completely different now…

Inner Voice

Decision making was never difficult for me. Options don’t often confuse me, and once I have made a choice I rarely question myself. Over my lifetime I have come to realize that many people engage in a mental wrestling match with every decision they make, and I have regularly been grateful that my mind and I generally agree pretty quickly. And then came widowhood.

Learning to Focus

A comment made by a special friend about yesterday’s post got me thinking about the fact that people who have lost someone instrumental in their lives tend to view the world from a new, and unwanted, vantage point. After Phil’s death I remember thinking that death swooped in and stole my rose colored glasses…

Quotes“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Meade

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