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About Me

Michele Neff Hernandez

In August of 2005 I was living the dream; married to an amazing man, running a successful personal training business, enjoying my children, and looking forward to the future. On August 31, 2005 at 5:36PM a phone call from an unknown cell number changed the trajectory of my life. My 39 year old husband was hit and killed by a Suburban while out for his evening bike ride. Not part of the plan.

Phil’s death has changed the way I live my life. Since I last kissed my late husband good-bye, I have met; spoken with; and written for hundreds of thousands of widowed people. I have created the opportunity to travel around the country providing hope to people grieving the loss of someone they felt sure they could not live without, and have experienced the amazing joy of starting an organization that has grown to serve a global population. Through each step of my journey I have learned to take risks; to be true to myself; and to believe in the power of community. Death is a harsh teacher, but trial by fire can result in some pretty amazing gems.

The message of hope and resilience that has driven my personal evolution is universal. I’d love the opportunity to speak to your group about any of the topics listed under the Bookings tab…or create a unique keynote or workshop especially designed for your population. As you explore the information, photos, and videos here, know that there are two things that your audience (of whatever the size!) will take away from their time with me: one person CAN change the world, and hope absolutely matters.

If we can all believe just these two things, imagine the possibilities.

Call or write. I’d love to hear from you!

Yours in hope,

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