Speaker, Writer, Community Leader, and Believer in Living Large.


Camp Widow

Camp Widow

Michele Neff Hernandez
Presentation Summaries

General Information
Changing Your Corner of the World
Hope Matters
The Power of Shared Experience
Grief Isn’t For Dead People
Stories of Hope for Widows
God’s Call Through Tragedy
Custom Presentation for Your Group

Customizable presentations on the following topics can be tailored to meet your specific group’s needs:

  • Making today count
  • Women as Leaders
  • Personal Evolution
  • How to let go of life’s difficult circumstances without losing yourself in the process
  • Living loudly, and making your life count
  • How to build, and maintain, community
  • Ground up career building
  • Building bridges of peace through shared experience
  • Grief recovery
  • All aspects of the powerful voice of women today

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